Wallpaper Hanging in London

You decided to put wallpapers on your walls, to refresh your interior with more colors, fabrics and shapes? Trust our team of certified professionals to do your wallpaper hanging.Our work is time-efficient and at a good price.

We offer removal of old wallpapers, preparation of the walls by perfectly smoothing them before applying the new wallpapers, we provide you with an expert consultation to help you make the right interior decision. Our team is trained in hanging any kind of wallpapers, including textured wallpapers, repeat patterned wallpapers, contemporary wallpapers, woodchip wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers, kitchen wallpapers, silk wallpapers, velvet wallpapers and other.

We can hang large sized wallpapers,panoramic wallpapers, hand print wallpapers, suede wallpapers, digital print wallpapers and many more. Our working hours are flexible and can be completely synchronized with your schedule. If you live anywhere in London and have decided to change your old wallpapers or to use such for a first time, don't hesitate to order our wallpaper hanging services! Our experienced team of workers will provide you with guidelines and help you fulfill every interior related idea of yours. We use first class materials,we offer insurance and a special cleanup service, so that you can enjoy the amazing results of our work, without worrying about the construction waste.

Order our wallpaper hanging services and give your place a whole new look

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