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We offer professional tiling services for bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, pools, stairs and other. You can choose from various materials like porcelain tiles, limestone tiles, onyx tiles, mosaic tiles,granite tiles, kerlite tiles, marble tiles, encaustic tiles and many more.

Our experienced team of certified workers will advise, consult and help you make the right interior decision for your home, office, industrial or public building. We will fix or fully renovate your place using first class materials of well known brands and all of that at a good price that will fit into your budget!

The other services we offer are: removal of old tiles,levelling of the floor, waterproofing, underfloor heating and more. Our cleanup service will take care of the construction waste and leave you to enjoy your newly decorated place without worrying about cleaning or fixing anything after our job is done. Trust our experts with your property and enjoy the astonishing results.

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