Woodwork painting


Painting woodwork


Painting skirting boards, windows and door frames in not particularly popular DIY task. Here we will give you a few tips on how to do it yourself.To pain a skirting board you will need dust sheet, sandpaper, masking tape, appropriate brush and paint .As the skirting boards are located across the base of the wall you will have to carry the work dawn on your knees. Also have to be very careful and protect the carpet and wallpapering-work slowly. First you will have to remove all the furniture that is near the skirting and make enough space for work, then protect the floor by covering it with dust sheet. You will also need a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust-you do not want to paint over dirty surface. The paint that is used to paint woodwork is oilbased paint. Start painting at the top of the skirting board. Collect a small amount of paint.Move the brush from right to left, and once you have covered a small section of the skirting from the top,  start working from the bottom,then fill in the middle.To pain the door frames and windows you will use the same oilbased paint. Painting a door can be tricky depending on the kind of it. Is it flat panel or raised-panel, does it have any gaps or ornaments. One approach is to paint all the panels first. But this Works only if you cut in carefully. If you get paint on a stile while painting the first couple of panels,the paint may set Up before you’re ready to paint the rest of the stile.For most painters, the best way is to paint the top pair of panels and the stiles, muntins, and rails around them. Then move to the next lower pair of panels.For painting window frames use blue painter’s tape to tape the edges of the wall where they meet the edges of the trim.Stir the paint thoroughly with a stir stick. Always stir the paint before you use it or you will get uneven color.When applying the paint first remove the extra paint from the brush by wiping the bristles against the side of the can. You do not want to overload the brush.Avoid touching any woodwork that has been freshly painted-this will ruin the finished look and all your hard efforts.