How much it typically cost to paint a room

How much it typically cost to paint a room


We receive a lot of emails asking for quotation for painting a room in London.Below I will explain how much you can expect to pay.

First of all we have to assume a few things when giving a quote:the walls wont need stripping,all furniture will be removed from the room or places in the middle of it,only minor repairers will be needed to the existing walls and woodwork.Please make sure that you give all the details about the job-is there a future wall,does the room need plastering,are there any existing wallpapers that need to be removed.In this way you will get more accurate quote.The condition of the wood work is something that also affects the price.You can always email a picture to your tradesmen to help with getting a good quote.The prices do not include materials.VAT is included.

So keeping in mind the above the prices are as follow:

Single room -£220

Double room-£280

Large room/lounge-£350




Hallway or Landing-180


Wallpaper hanging-£10 sq/m or £25 per hour

Skirting/Seals-£4 sq/m

Door frames-£20 per side

Wooden interior doors-£15 per side

Glass panelled doors£-20 per side


Spindles-£4 each

Preparation sanding/filling £20 per hour