Painting and Maintenance


Hanover Square

When you decide to refresh or change the colors in your home or work place there a few things you have to take in consideration.

First you have to choose the right paint. Nowadays there are hundreds of shades and colors to suit every taste. Here we are using Dulux Concrete Grey(always be sure to get high quality paint  as this will affect the final result and in the long run investing in more expensive materials proves to be the best option).

How often to paint the interior of your house or office? It really depends on how much wear and tear there is. Most of the time public spaces and buildings need to be repainted more often. They get busy and often cracks and dents, scuffs and marks appear on the walls. If the paint that has been used is high quality washable paint these walls can be washed occasionally. This way using qualitative materials will save money on repainting. Other places that require high maintenance are the kitchens, toilets and laundry rooms. Most durable paint should be used in these areas of your house. For the best choice of materials you could always ask your local tradesmen or contact a professional painting company that will give you accurate advice and help you to make the right decisions.

Very often doors, skirting board, ceiling and windows are painted separately as they would require different type of paint and painting technique. We will show you some wood painting in our next post.